Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tie that binds

She was strong, thoughtful and independent lady. A professor of English. She was not an introvert but that compromise she did four years before ,her marriage lead her to be sequester rather to be open. She was not happy with the man she was engaged. In four years of their married life they never discoursed anything between like normal husband -wife ,never tried to know each other either. Both of them were financially independent.
They were still stranger to each other. 
One Sunday morning,when her husband was out for his customary jogging, there was a knock at the door. A letter with a label addressing her Smita. She thought it would be from institution and kept it on the table to read it after completing her household work but then the telephone bell rang up.

Hi Smita ,I'm...  (from the other side)
A well know voice ,she apprehends and utter surprisingly, ''Is it you Rahul?'' 
Wow! How are you? You know how much I missed you..Galvanized Smita
I'm fine Smita, I've planned a luncheon meet tomorrow ...Will you be coming?
Ya sure, I'll come ..said Smita excitingly !

Next day she took a leave from her institution pretending like sick so that she could join Rahul, her friend at lunch. As soon as her husband left the home ,she attired and reached at the location.He was already sitting there at a corner side buffet.He greeted her with a smile.She passed a smile and surprised reaction at seeing him after so long time. They ordered few things and then after both of them started their harangue over many affairs and in that hot discussion the waiter's hand serving coffee smashed with Smita's hand and tumbled upon her jacket!
 Oh! No ,my jacket! said Smita in a fumblingly voice
 Sorry Mam! 
 It's Ok! you can leave now..
 Rahul ,Wait for just two minutes I'm coming from washroom
 Ok, But make it fast ! Do not forget someone is waiting for you here ,said  Rahul teasing Smita

While removing the coffee stain from her jacket she gazed at her face in a mirror .Her eyes were red and filled with tears.There was no charm at all on her face.Her mascara disseminated on her cheeks. The pain lasting within her since four years was now bursting out in her eyes in each pearl of her tear!
She was fed up with her life and a man who even don't care or love his wife.A silent scream within her,suffocating her with darkness and shattered future with loneliness. Suddenly when she came out of her thoughts and saw Rahul standing at the door staring at her , a feeling of disguise ran into her veins.
Now don't hide the fact from me ,Smita!
I want to know what's the reason behind your tears and lips wearing false smile. Said Rahul in-order to scrutinize the matter.

She hesitated a bit to tell the quandary going on in her married life but the very next moment she thought sharing the pain would make her feel better and she opened the book of her life before him!
She was still in tears, unable to utter the words clearly.
 Rahul, I will be not able to live with that man anymore! take me away..Please!!
Embracing her in arms he assured her that there is someone who really cares her.
 Yes Dear, I'll take you..Don't worry! I can't see you in tears. A man never cared or love you won't stop you from leaving him because there is no affectionate tie that could bind you both in a lovable bond.

She was waiting eagerly for her husband to reach at home. As the clock struck 8:00 PM , there was a knock at the door.It was her husband.He was too tired from the whole day's hard work and asked for a glass of water  from her wife,Smita.
Giving him a glass of water she said, I want to tell you something!
Ya tell , he said with no interest 
I don't want to live with you anymore. You made my life living hell ! never cared of my happiness and willing.
In four years of our married life I gained nothing but the pain, suffocation. And now I've decided to dwell my life with pain and troubles no more. I'm going to give you divorce. There is someone better than you to love me. She was in tears and guilt

He was perplexed and amaze to see her sudden reaction but that was unreadable on his face.
He said softly, 
Smita, I'm sorry for all the pain and hardships you faced because of me. I never intended to do so! but you know my present is still conquered by my past. Yes, my past about which I never shared with you but today before you go I want to make you face the reality ... The girl to whom I loved so passionately is  now no more. I promised her that no one would ever replace her from my heart. That's the reason I made distance from you. I'm helpless ! I couldn't love you. I'm happy that you realized the way of your happiness and frankly  shared your thoughts with me in-spite of dwelling with agony. I'll not stop you today ! Go and start a new life where your love is waiting to tie you with love and fulfillment.

It has been 5 years passed of Rahul and Smita's happy married life. They have a sweet family consisting of  four years old elder daughter,Prerna and a little cute son ,Sahil !
Now Smita was back into her life and all of them were bind with a tie of Love!    

“No cord or cable can draw so forcibly, or bind so fast, as love can do with a single thread”    -Robert Burton

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Keep loving and smiling my dear friends..
Wishing you all A Very Happy New Year ~ 2012~

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Plight !

Eyes are the reflection of heart…
But what should I do when no one can read the bursting pain within my eyes?

Actions are the reflection of thoughts…
But what should I do when no one understands the depth within my thoughts?

Smile is a sign of unsaid words…
But what should I do when no one recognize that false smile I wear all the day?

To help the needy is equal to feeding the almighty…
But what should I do when people stay away giving a name of privacy?

Kindness is the beauty of heart…
But what should I do when people name my kindness as dual persona?

Living in solitary ends up with a feeling of lost…
But what should I do when I have nothing except the loneliness ?

Thursday, December 22, 2011


कविता कुंठा है ,
Poem is frustration
संवेदना का अक्स है,
A reflection of feelings
सूखे रक्त की स्याही है,
Ink of dried blood
कविता उदगार है ,
Eruption of heart 
जीवन की तस्वीर है ,
Image of life
व्यक्ति की अभिव्यक्ति है ,
Person's expressions
कविता जुनून है ,
Poetry is passion
भावनाओं का कुंज,
Feelings of the arbor 
कवी की उपाधि है l 
Is the title of poet

मेरी प्यारी दादी जी द्वारा - स्वर्ण कौर 
From my lovely Grand ma - Swarn Kaur 

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Post Written for the Romantic Friday Writers Challenge- 27 

It was about couple of days before they were together embracing each-other with belief .For when, they stayed together no matter what's the day and night. They were friends since their childhood. How does the time flied they never realized .At tender age, words never mean a lot to her but very soon she come to know, words are the reflection of heart and feelings so every word was encountered by her now even after knowing his humorous nature she couldn't tolerate his bantering because she started loving him and he accommodated a special place in her fragile heart. She thought to let this reality within her and to let him read her eyes flowing love with every glimpse.

But a little misunderstanding that bubble love diffused. Those few words spoken in few seconds broke a relationship continuing since their childhood. There has been not a single day that they stayed away from each other but today their lives were rotating as supernova with twists and turns took them apart. She was deeply hurt and miffed by his words. There was nothing more left that could sooth her or calm her, no one to answer her uprising questions, no one to hear her pain or understand because she was unable to configure or even utter this bitter truth. There was a battle going on between her heart and mind along with frustration. Tears and solitary were her only companions.

Month passed, but those scratches on her heart and mind haven't healed yet. A transformation took place in her after this unexpected incident. That ever smiling face was now with tears, those shining eyes were now dim, no more that childishness was in her, all time enchanting lips were now sealed with pain, and those dreamy thoughts were now dreary. She was ruminating, demoralizing, insomniac by each passing moment within. Every incident, moment they had together flashed before her unrest eyes drenched with tears. She was like a moving dead body, looking weird with dark circles below her eyes, rough skin with pale complexion.

One night gazing up at dark sky sparkling with stars she smiled when she saw a cascading star. A tear rushed down on her cheek as she closed her eyes. She made a wish ''Please, make all misunderstandings clear. He doesn’t know what the reality is and how madly I love him! I can't wait for him any more...I'll die!''

As she opened her eyes, found him standing before with tears in his eyes. She was surprised and glad to see him and wanted to have those tight pair of arms but his staring eyes stopped her from doing so. After a long deep breathe holding her hand he said, ''I'm so sorry for not believing in you and for those words disgruntled you! I'm sorry my dear .Being away from you I realized your worth in my life and how immensely I love you. You're the sparkle of my life...Enlightened my each day with the lustrous happiness .Being apart from you I came to know that I've lost the sparkle of my life (you). Forgive me and replace the shade of darkness with the sparkle of your love and light.''
She smiled and forgave him with mutual promise of love and faith!

With this post I want to ask ...
Why don't we think that our each and every word ,action is being admired by our loved ones , We do whatever we want without thinking that our one word or action could destroy someone's life,  can take away someone's smile, can make someone's life living worthless!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

भविष्य : Future

ओ भविष्य  तेरे गर्भ में मनुष्य की नियत है 
O  the future man in your womb is assigned 
तुम्हारे अंधकूप में उसके पलों की विरासत है 
The legacy of his moments  is your ambiguity
हर्ष विषाद के अनिश्चित पल भी 
Uncertain moments of great sadness
सुख दुःख की सुबह और शाम भी 
Sorrows and happiness of morning and evening 
चढ़ते उतरते जीवन के  पड़ाव भी 
Also the climb and descending stages of life
और अचुड आशा का दीप भी 
And the lamp of hope still gleams
तुमसे अभिज्ञ उछाह से भरा जीवन सफ़र भी 
From you the festivity full of perspicacious life ...a journey
कब किस पल मन का क्या होगा उसकी अचेतना भी 
What will happen when the moment when his subconscious mind will assault with uncertain
हे अदृश्यमान अरुपित अविचल तुम मानव की स्वर्णिम अभिलाषा हो 
O invisible faltering desire you are man's gold 
अनंत सपनो की तुम प्रभूतमयी  तृषा हो
Infinite dreams you are
नव शेशव की तुम अभिनव दिशा हो 
Your are new direction of innovation of fantasy
कर्म गति की तुम ही परिणीता हो 
You are the trans-formative speed of work worthy

मेरी प्यारी दादी जी द्वारा - स्वर्ण कौर 
From my lovely granny- Swarn Kaur

Monday, December 05, 2011


That was just a meet,
His smile and hearty greet,
Together with his humorous talks and a little walk,
Once again opened my heart's lock!
The peacefulness within me turned to perky,
Darkness within was now replace by lucidity,
His presence ruined the emptiness with the ample of care and love..
I believe now time changes everything!
As it changed the strings of my heart from a woeful ballad to beautiful tunes,
He never left me alone in my thoughts!
But do really was he still walking along with me?
While an instant loiter glance my lingering steps stepped off pebble with a jerk!
And I razed in his protective arms,
But that was a road where I fell down helplessly...
He was no where now,
I was left there so lonely with turmoil thoughts...
That was the moment I realized that he was in my imagination!
His last word ''Adieu'' echoed in my ears again and again,
A tear trickled down from my eyes as I gazed up at twinkling sky...
Mesmerizing memories that were still alive and fresh as it happened yesterday! 

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Requisite !

Withering blossom
Awaiting for the cool sensational touch of silver dotted threads of heaven 
To make them pure and refreshing once again
Such is your love!
Come and quench the thirst of my heart

Season has been changed by the time of spring,
Replenishment of leaves sprouts and blossoms renewed...
Such is your love!
Come and overwhelm my broken heart

Trees are standing still and calm
Waiting for the breeze to hold them 
And pass by to let them dance and reflexive -repulsive rejoice
Such is your love!
Come and embrace me tightly in your arms
I need you and your love

This huge world seems to be have failures and full of hurdles
But it runs on hope that even enlighten the dark pathway
Such is your love!
Come and re-fill this hopeless lover's black heart to pink loving heart  once again

Oh my love!
I still remember that Conversation we had in silence
Preaching each other’s unsaid words
Those fast heartbeats
Warmth of your touch with caress
Our meeting lips to quench the thirst of united souls
Such is your love!
Come and embrace me tightly in your arms
I need you and your love
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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Special Gift From Special One

I'm sharing here so late almost after 3 months about my so special gift I received from my Special One, Saravana!. There was a Grand Patriotic Poetry Contest  organised by dear friend Mohinee. In this contest I submitted my Sweet Granny's poem हित अपने देश का .
And when the final result declared me and my granny started dancing with excitement because her poem was selected the best by Someone Is Special ! And then I lived that moment brought happiness to her. I saw something that I'd never seen before ..tears in her eyes! But they were of joy, excitement and satisfaction. She has been writing poetry from so many years but they were compiled in a diary with no reader until I publish them on my blog. But now she has great talented readers here so she get so eager to make me post them as soon as possible.  
All of yours appreciating and encouraging words have made her to pen down poetry again she skipped years before! I want to give a big thanks to Mohinee for organizing such a wonderful contest and to my Special One, Saravana for honoring my granny with such wonderful gifts.
Have a look on most Special Gift 

My Granny's Blessing are always with you! :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Marvel With Surf Excel Matic

It was a Sunday afternoon.Lara was doing painting.The cell phone beeped,the screen flashed as ''Message received from Rhea''. Hey Lara, What are you doing?
She quickly replied her,''I'm making a girl's sillihoute ..What are you doing?''
After 2 minutes again Lara received a message from Rhea,''I'm selecting a dress for tonight's party..Aren't you joining us?''.
Lara replied her while holding the paint brush in her hand ,''Yes, Of course I'm coming..'Lara loves parties and parties loves Lara ' , Well I'm gonna be the show stopper tonight''. She teased Rhea. Again she resume to complete her sillihoute.
Suddenly the door bell rang..She chuckles ''Who's this now?'' keeping the paint brush besides the canvas she briskly walked towards the door. She get so happy to see the man from laundry holding her most prestigious and beautiful dress. It was a sea green colored gown with little stones and silver embroidery over it and a special gift she received from her granny last year on her birthday. She utters, ''Granny I love you for this''. 
The laundry man asked Lara to check if the dress is alright from every corner...
Lara chuckle with excitement,''Yes, thank you so much!''
The laundry man leaves ,Lara shut the door with a broad grin and excitement on her face.
She quickly send a text message to Rhea to inform about her so special dress, ''Hey Rhea, I've received my beautiful dress :) ''
She receives a message from one of her classmate, Neha ''Have you completed your Chemistry notes?''
Lara reply her ,''Yes I've completed and given to Sarika...You can borrow it from her but intimate me before taking! I'm little busy right now.''
And again the cell phone rings up!
Oh God! My fans can't even leave me for a second and laughs..
It was a call from her dad..She receive the call and utter softly, Hello Dad 
''Lara I'll  send car sharply by 7:00 PM .Do not make late because today's schedule is little busy and I've to go for a business meeting'' Lara's father informs her.
Making her father assure Lara chuckle, ''Sure dad, Don't worry! I'll be on time.''
That's my girl ! Say her father with satisfaction
And after the conversation Lara realized that from past 3 hours she was busy in gossip via sms and calls.
Oh God! My sillihoute is not completed yet! 
Now no more calls and msgs I'm going to reply! Huh!!
If I've started then I must not leave it incomplete but where the hell is my paint brush??
I'm so silly and unconscious , Lara utters when she see her dress kept near the Canvas.
Holding her so special sea green coloured gown she takes a long deep breath, and say ,Thank God ! It is safe..
She feels something wet and sticky on the other side on her dress and finds that she had left the paint brush filled with black colour below her dress and now the paint color mess up with her dress!
This was only left to be done! Sorry Grand ma I spoiled so special present from you..Forgive me! 
She uttered with tears in her eyes..   
She briskly walks towards her store room searched for the spray or other stain remover !
and found Surf Excel matic pack in wardrobe .

 She readily read with excitement  It's triple-powered formula ensures that the toughest of stains are removed easily in just one wash. So be it top load or front load, choosing Surf excel Matic makes perfect sense!
A little hope arise..
She dipped her dress in mild hot water with two little spoon of Surf Excel Matic and kept it for few mins .
After some time she thought to check if the colour vanished or not ...keeping her finger cross she took out her dress from the bucket and shouted with an enthrallment ''Yey! I can't believe the stain is no more! Wow ! the best magic I've ever experienced just in 5 mins  !
She stares at clock ..and found she was still left with 2 extra -hours .
Quick Lara quick you've to complete your painting for tomorrow's Great Painting Contest!! She uttered in excitement.
After the hard work and dedication of 2 hours she completed the painting which she was supposed to submit for the contest to be held the very next day. 
She was so beautiful that there was no need to use cosmetics and in no time she was ready to leave for the party!
The clock striked 7:00 PM and a knock on door. 
She opened the door and found car sent by her father to leave her to the event destiny.
She reached there in no time. There was a huge beautiful palace and the stairs were covered with red carpet. 
Everything was so lavish with the glory of decoration and high status people. There was so much of gathering.
A voice from my back aloud but was soft,'' Hey Lara! You're looking gorgeous ..A show stopper indeed!''  said Rhea.
Thanks Rhea!
And now there was an announcement .. there was a pin drop silence in that big hall gathered with so many people.
A man in black suit announced ,''Ladies and Gentleman today we have a special surprise guest  !! Yes a special surprise guest..Welcome to Robert Pattinson 
Again the hall sounded up with talking. 
the fellow announced to be silent and hear him..
''All the ladies hold your heart ..Today we will choose the woman in best get up and that lucky lady will be the dance partner of our tonight's special surprise guest!!
There were some crucial rounds and I was still left in a hope along with two competitors..
They were not the less!
Now Robert was invited on the stage to select the best one!
My heartbeats were so fast! 
His glimpse striked to mine . He smiled and holding my hand he announced me as his dancing partner and the most beautiful one !
It was like a dream come true!
This all miracle happened because of Surf Excel Matic! An instant  super magic indeed..
Because of it's prodigy formula I saved my time,completed my painting, got a chance to be the dancing partner of Robert Pattison and the most important one I saved my so special and precious gift I received from my Grand ma!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Thank you Thursday Poet Rally  for honoring me with Perfect Poet Award

  Stagnant perspex
Glistening dark
Savoring spark
Muttering musing 
Thought of New Day New Hope
Surrendered mistake
A promise to remake the break
Stardom to ponder with elegance and ahead way

Sunday, October 30, 2011

‘Love is a two way street: Love your hair and it loves you back''

The beauty of hairs
Attracts and capture the attention of every stare,
But it is hard to nourish and to give proper care
Busy schedule and outings makes them dull and shiny rare,
My beauty is evading away...
I'm aware!
Nothing is with me that can sooth me or do fair justice with my thin hairs
Then I recapitulated the famous saying: 
''Love is a two way street: Love your hair and it loves you back''
Searching all around I found the trustworthy Dove,
I pampered my hairs and said, don’t worry now it's Dove for you to love,
And the day I started this beautiful journey of Dove's Love,
I found a brand new day waiting for me to see my true colors of pulchritude 
Embraced me within its charm and defined me with a unique personality!
Restoring the softness
It nourished my dry hairs,
Now my hairs fall very rare,
They can feel the fresh air,
Dove lengthen my hairs 
With eternal shine and strength 
Though I don't have much time for my hairs
But having Dove along with my journey I do not worry
Because Dove is now there to care my beauty... my hairs,
Now I can say the beauty lies within me,
Within my hairs and I found one sweet lover Dove to protect and nourish with everlasting care!
And now the world itself says, ''You've Beautiful hairs''
Then I smile and say with proud, ‘Love is a two way street: Love your hair and it loves you back''
Try Dove

Saturday, October 29, 2011


The theme this week is “POWER”
An acrostic is a type of poetry where the first letters of each line spell out the theme of the poem (in this case, POWER).Poem of 5 lines, with 5 words in each line.

Perky heart with soft spark,
Overwhelm the pain of rejection,
Wonder others by fighting reality,
Extraordinary decision and thoughts prejudice,
Reaping germinated crop of unity. 

Friday, October 28, 2011


Welcome to the Romantic Friday Writing Challenge, started and hosted by L'Aussie Denise and Francine Howarth, where participants share their own 300-400-word text on a given theme & current theme is Haunting!
and here it comes..........

Hey Shirley, I turned back with a broad grin on my face sensing the voice well known...It was Jemmy, my forever love. Seeing him I forget the heartache groaning within me. I hugged him tightly to feel secure within his arms. He sensed the pain reflecting through my eyes and asked ''Is everything OK, Shirley?''
No, I've called you here to tell you something that is disturbing me from so long. He stared me with confused glimpse and asked with worry...What's that? ''Honey, I'm getting anonymous letters from 2 weeks and all is about our love. That person don't want to see us together and so that someone is sending me warning letters to leave you forever otherwise you'll be killed'' I told him with tears filled eyes. And because of that I'm so depressed. Dreary thoughts haunts me every second and all of these made me sleepless...Even such thoughts are not leaving me in my dreams.

A shadow of demeanor thought confronting before,
Unable to bring lucidity anymore,
Carving dreams of our love...
But being unknown to destiny I can not explore,
The thunder of remorseless voice echoing in my heart,
That made uneasy for me to love you;
I'm helpless!
Shadow of demeanor thought confronting before,
Drowsy shakes of reluctance haunting me at each step,
Leaving me behind the door of numb courage,
In Illusion of dark void turmoil,
Slurring steeple,
I won't let you go my love!

And again a weird dream that haunts me at each night as I was left alone in this battle field to fight! I exclaimed with a sigh. I'm fed up with these negative vibe dreary dreams! I don't care of myself but now it's the matter of your life and I don't want to take any chance.
Holding me tightly in his arms and kissing my forehead, 
He said, ''Shirley, I love you more than anything in my life...You're the reason I'm living for! I promise you to love even after my life so, how could I leave you because of such warning letters. Nothing can stop me from loving you and no one can break the eternity loving bond soul mates.

''To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.''

With the same feeling I across that moment and now I was standing with a confidence as this time my most powerful weapon, my love was with me!

That's all guys .This week's theme is 'Haunting' ! Come and join us.
To see entries by other participants ..please go here 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Diwali

Aroma of festival is flourishing around,
Joy and excitement is over bound,
Homes are enlightening with glowing lights and candles ,
Ranging elation is hard to handle,
Colorful rangoli reflects the hue of life,
 Symphony of togetherness strives..
Oh ! So it's Diwali night waiting,
Lets spread the love and enjoy celebrating.

Wishing You all A Very Happy Diwali