Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lovers' Cove - Challenge #1

My Line :
''Reconcile my urge of devotion to embark the lane of promising perpetual allegiance.''

Word Count : 13
The above line is written in participation to Andy David's Lovers' Cove challenge #1.  I continue from the line written by the 14th person (Balqis). Find out more of what is going on and do participate and join in the fun here at -

Monday, May 28, 2012

Live Camera & Capture

Live Camera & Capture !
Sharing few of my clicks...
The beauty around me fascinates 
asks me to collaborate 
and get lost in !

My eager eyes
Stare at those white cotton balls
to reveal their mystery 

I wish I could also 
fly high like you with no restrictions
to my destiny

Simplicity enumerates
within me
and gives me peace

Contrasting diversity
switching one an other
makes wonder 

Something unique
at sight
alluring hypothesis 

So refreshing and calm
gleaming greenery 
my fantasy's  charm
Mango & Ashoka Tree in my garden
So high
Touching the wide sky
voluminous and flourishing

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo Re!!!!

The feeling is great when your favorite team wins. Everyone was shouting for CSK but I was alone determined to support KKR! Even I predicted before this IPL season , that this time finals gonna be between KKR and CSK and the same happened. Though there was a great score of  CSK- 190  and 191 was not that easy challenge but still Gauti's team Korbo Lorbo and Won! 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Friendship's 150*

I am so happy at achieving 150 blog-posts!!!  Yeyyy! I am flying , so excited and overwhelmed after having a series of exams.Got summer holidays, done with all projects, completed 150 blog posts and most special the love of my dear buddies Mohinee and Saravana (Special One). Despite of having a busy hectic schedule they promised me to take care of  My Friendship page on Facebook in my absence. Nothing could be more rejoicing  than having dear friends love and support. Very precious for me ! Thank you so much.

I still remember the day I blogged my first post. So many mistakes and even there was no sense in my write up but then also I was encouraged by my sweet readers ( P-Kay, Alcina, sHoNa)  who appreciated me and my feelings. I learnt the art of writing poetry just when I started blogging. Everyday I tried to write something, a little note just to have their appreciating words , suggestion and gradually I started working on my writing skills. The only way to learn was to read other blogs and this is how I met many excellent bloggers in this blog-sphere!

As soon as I post my blog-post I eagerly waits  to know your advises, appreciation. They means a lot me. Many times your words gives me a self realization that uplifts me and assure me to move on! Its all your words that makes me write constantly. Being here I have learnt many things and I am still learning from all of you. The art of sharing , expressing, encouraging and also many little things in life that has a great value.I love reading you all but most of the times I miss reading your posts because of my studies . I regret! 

I want to share one of the best comments in my blogging journey that makes me happy as soon as I feel sad. Many times I feel I am all alone, no one is there to accompany me but then and there my dear friend Bikramjit's words pops up into my mind  ''You have you.. so how can you be lonely .. think about it :) ''
I pondered over your words and I still use to ponder over and each time I find ... How true!! Thank you so much dear. The feeling of loneliness is no more! :D

Since we all are connected through bond of words and that strengthen our bond of amity. So, now I would like to share the words in form of love my buddies blessed me with...

Yes you guessed right. Quotation of the day! 

* ''If you find the journey long and hard, remember you are destined to reach one of the most beautiful and amazing places..''
By respected Ramesh ji

* Friendship is the best gift by the Almighty to this life

* Love is the The God and God is the complete Love.

* Friendship is always eternal, it's beyond all the relations. Every relation becomes more beautiful and perfect when we become friends of each other.

The life is full of pains and peace, all the pains turn to peace when we give our life to society and the mankind.

Don't wait others to come and love, love everybody first and spread the returns with more love always.

* “Love is what I see in her eyes; Life is what I dream with her eyes!”
“If someone asks me what is the purest relationship in the world. I would proudly say it is Friendship, the only relationship without any actual relationship!”
“It is ‘Feel the Love’ and not ‘Making Love’, please understand…”

* Life is wet patch of sand.
People may come and go
"impressions" of their transient feet
remain forever

*''Against all odds I stood tall, grew manifolds, and my essence dazzled brighter. Bit by bit I became ME.''

*Life is too short to cry, that is true, but is it also not too long to not feel enough to cry even once?

* When intense feeling of sorrow fissures heart volcano, erupts lava called tears 
* When the heart blossoms with an immense joy, it releases a sweet scent called smile

Few more golden words from a pure selfless soul that enriches my each day with a thought and confidence .The words our SIS shared in his one of the best post My life.. her shadow are...

‘there is something more than money in life and that’s love’.
‘Whatever happens in life, stay strong and give your best.’ 
‘Never let go any opportunities, give your best and show the world that you are the best’. 

I want to convey my hearty thanks to him and his mother. Every day I come across her words and always try to follow them. 

My best wishes to everyone. Keep Blogging its fun! and yeah keep supporting me because you all are my strength, my best advisers and critics. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Sprinkle of love spray can melt a heart of stone
Vanish away the disgust ranging on and on! 
Eliminating the differences between it unites...
Entwine the sights and thoughts abide 
Love stands for unity
Love unites soul!
Love determine passion
Love sustains madness
Madness of no limit...
That can even ignite
Setting heart on fire

'Contemplation evaluate thoughts that further become as exploration of sheer action and expression...'

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mystery : Twinge or Love ? #3

''That evening I asked you to meet me because I wanted to propose you and to continue my rest of the life with you but ...

When I was waiting for you I met my college friend ,Rashi to whom I loved immensely from the very first day but never expressed my feelings for her just because she loved someone else that hurt me greatly. I tried hard to forget her but still my love is as live as before somewhere deep in my heart and that day when we met again I couldn't control myself and told her how much I love her and it was a matter of surprise for me that someone else to whom she loved was 'ME' he uttered with a zeal and turned his face away with hesitation.She was in tears.

Listen, I know its a kind of shock for you. I don't think it would hurt you greatly at all. We just met 2 years back and I would not provoke you to be as just a friend. I am in engage relationship with her now. So, its better for you to forget me , our love and please its a kind request stay away from me as much as possible and let two lovers dwell together in peace. That would be the best gift and wishes you can give me and her ever! I know you love me and knows better what things could make me happy. There was a deep silence .
He turns back and stare at the scene with his wide open horrified eyes and screams ''Oh God! What you did !'' .

She was lying on the bed disgracefully. The bed-sheet was completely messed up with the blood as she penetrated the sharp knife into her vein.Still her heart was throbbing , her eyes open , trying hard to utter something..''I don't know how you collected a bundle of guts to say all these things so easily to me. You had hurt me a lot! How can you say me to forget you... I loved you with all my heart and will keep loving to you always no matter 
how much you hate me.

If staying away is the best gift I can give to you then I think staying away from you and living in your heart as a regret would be much more better.I am giving up my life so that you could stay happy because your happiness would give peace to my soul as it has always!

A love you note she wrote with her blood for 'Him' 

The feeling of being in love is so intense that it feels like it will last forever. We can't believe that the other person doesn't feel the same way. We can't believe that this sacred relationship has been betrayed. You may have been sure that you were in the same wavelength and that you understood each other. Meanwhile, you have been walking on parallel and eventually divergent tracks the entire time. The feelings of betrayal and hurt may take many years to heal and sometimes they stay forever!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mother Sacrificed for Me - Mothers Day Special ( A Re-post )

At my first step to this life,
When I opened first time my tiny eyes,
I saw my mother's awaiting eyes for just my single sight,
A heart filled with Lot's of love..
Those tears of happiness poured with sacrifice,
Her blissful glance assured me of her diligence,
And I returned her my ingenious smile,
Her protective hand made me stand and made me realize that I'm her world and she is my life..
I sauntered all around holding her hand,
She assembled every happiness every amenity around me,
She was clambering all over the awry;
Embracing me with an amicable bond,
She was alone from inside..
Except me there was no one to stood her beside,
But then also, She  everytime stood up with an aura smile for ensuring that everything is alright,
She knew that I was flying over my dreams,
And a sudden diversion would bulldoze over all my dreams..
Just for my one smile she bridled all her desire,
While serving me delicious food and seeing my smile she forget her tiredness and sadness inside,
She worked hard day and night;
So that I could sleep tight!
Her whole life she sacrificed,
At each step of my life she typified herself as my best friend,
Her whole life she lived for me and for my dreams,
She never made fell insecure or incompleteness,
Holding her hands I never felt a need of other's love and care,
That strengthen my confidence with fervour,
Everytime she tried to hide her tears,
She never purchased those expensive dresses and jeweleries..
So that I could live the luxury!
Keeping herself aloof form those happiness still she was enjoying with a joy..
Because my happiness was her rejoice,
She fought with this cruel world alone for me!
My Mother sacrificed for me.

Thank you so much Mumma...I love you!

Happy Mothers' Day and to all great Mothers !!

Mystery : Twinge or Love ? #2

''Why did you leave me when I was all yours?'' she comes more closer to him ...

To confess her love and to know about this sudden miss happening. Cuddling her fingers with his she asserts...
''look into my eyes and tell don't you love me anymore?'' in tears
He was still in silence taking deep breath yet there is a continuous an eye to eye contact.Finally after a minute suppressing a silence he speaks out in inquiring tone ,''Do you remember the Silent Sunset?''
She repeated with an expression of astonishment ''Silent Sunset''  , how can I forget that queer evening when you called me earnestly to tell me something but we left after hours without sharing a word... Contrite
But why are you inquiring about that day?  in curious tone
Releasing his fingers he looks at the ground and then look into her eyes ''That evening I asked you to meet me because I wanted to propose you and to continue my rest of the life with you but ...

With the BUT the mystery continues ...What happened on that Silent Sunset? Why was he silenced even he himself called her to meet and to propose her ? What's that made him to withdraw his commitment of love ?
Every mystery will be reveal out in the next part #3 tomorrow!
Keep guessing and also let me know your guessing in comment section.      

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mystery : Twinge or Love ?

Day in day out , every passage of moment of mine you collaborated or should I say 'steal away '? . A draft of summarize memories each time you leave as a spot of cocoa ; unabashed in my heart. Am all over live in your thoughts .Sometimes sweet sometimes sour that pleases me and somewhere tease , break my heart and scatter into pieces fiercely with a scream that no one can listen , for I just wanna ask , ''Why did you leave me when I was all yours?'' she comes more closer to him ...

Naah .. not yet! After this how he is going to react. Will he be making excuse, exploit her, be fool her or simply accept her? Eager to know ...right?
Then keep waiting for the next part . Part 2! 

Friday, May 11, 2012


रात  गुज़र गई उन  नज्मों को याद करते करते 
अश्कों से सजाया हमने उन  तरानों को जो अफसाना बन  गए 
एक  आहट हुई , नजाकत  हुई  फिर चली रहनुमा सी फिज़ा 
सिले होटों पे तब्दील  थी दिल  - ऐ - दास्तान 
नादान  सी शायरी थी या ख्वाबों के आज़ाद परिंदे 
गुस्ताखी थी या फ़रियाद  ?
जिसने नगमे - ऐ - नजाकत  को महफ़िल  में सजा दिया 
मेरी आशिकी  को लतीफा बना दिया 

Special Words of appreciation from my dear friend Monu Awalla

इतनी नजाकत  से शब्दों को लिखा मत  करो 
ये दिल  नादान  है कहीं  गुस्ताखी  ना हो जाये 
इतनी कशमाकश  है आपके शब्दों में 
दूर बैठा  कोई पत्थर ना पिघल  जाये 

Thank you so much!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dreamland Tune

I tied my heart hard by a conscious band
for I was feared to make it lost before the end 
And I knew if once I lost it
I would never get it back the same as it is!
but as it has never been ....
It may break into thousand of pieces 
Like a mirror with the reflection of my thousand faces 
Shedding tears ,
And I won't be the same Myself but Thyself  (Other)
My little innocent heart played its own tunes
As it always do...
Flattered my heart on his twisting turn notes
My heartbeats follow pitch of his melodious flow
Capture my thoughts into the dreamland 
Of his uttered words!
So precious and pleasing tunes in day each second 
Seems everlasting
Accompanies me perceives my emotions 
And heal my pain 
Not just mine but of many
Many of never said this but I did
Its Kishore da

                       Tune ♫ ♪                                       

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

It was never going to be an ordinary day

It was never going to be an ordinary day 
For the first time we were apart ; far away
Those distances between us ceased my smile and dimmed the flicker in my eyes
Endless were the sobs rolled down with a galore of hidden twinge 
Life seem deserted a day without him
My perky life ; ever chanting was still 
Still as it never used to be !
Reasons were failed to furnish my suppressed feelings
I lost someone , someday
It was never going to be an ordinary day
Enough to change my life and myself
For I was not as I used to be !
Those promises we made to stay together were deplored 
My life was still but not the time or the world
It was getting dark
As usual the night beauty in her black gown accumulating white shining pearls was ready to scatter them as stars ; the night's beauty spark
The darkness of black sky ruminated me
My eyes were staring hard at the most shine flickering star ; the night's beauty spark
I smiled , I smiled for once in that ruminating gloom covering me all around  
The black sky is my heart and that twinkling star is my love!
Those stars are far away but still there is a connection of affection
Strings of love and suppressed feelings were replenished ;
As I realized ,
Though he is far away from my sight but still so close than ever before within my heart.

This post is part of the contest It was never going to be an ordinary day.. on 

Saturday, May 05, 2012

A review over : Entrapped!

My First Review Ever : 

I'm thrilled to share about my friend,Sneha Kedar an author whom I've been following lately and her new novel ''Entrapped''. From one glance at the cover I was interested and it reminded me of a foreboding tale that really grabs your attention from the very first line.

Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Cedar Books
Edition: 2011
Language: English
ISBN- 978-81-223-1246-1

About the Author: Sneha Kedar was born and raised in Mumbai, Maharastra. She is graduate in Information Technology. Right now, she is pursuing her Masters in Computer Application from Mumbai University .
She is an avid reader and active blogger.She always enjoyed reading paranormal novels,which inspired her to pen down her debut novel,which is also a paranormal fiction. Few of her articles were published in India's leading newspaper, DNA.

Entrapped is about a girl named Myra Bose, who at her 17th birthday come to know that she is a fairy.Taking admission in Fae High, she starts her magical journey which have many twists- turns and many secrets! The story moves with the  mystery of elemental spirits haunts Myra Bose in her dreams. Those dreams hints her of negative vibes around the Fae High influenced by the black magic We are trapped! .There are many powerful characters accompanies Myra Bose later like Amber,Carrie, Sera,Lona,Jack and Ryan Swift.
The character of Ryan Swift is attentive in this tale that  moves the story with romance between Myra and Ryan. Myra could not give time to her lover, Ryan and they live apart. But after knowing the whole mystery Ryan supports Myra in accomplishing the target. Myra and her friends with their elemental powers seeks for the hidden secrets and spirits controlling the Fae High!

My Views:
I like the character of Myra Bose. Filled with energy of youth,eagerness,determination and faithfulness.The way she handles the enigmatic situations magnificently .A very promising character! While reading Entrapped I never felt the boredom but the eagerness at each new chapter.Language and description are wonderful .You can imagine the scenes while reading!