Monday, October 29, 2012

Speculations and Contrasts

The more you wait; the more it gets late
The more expect; the more it hurts you exact
The more you try to make; the more situations tend to break
The more you find reasons; the more you get in confusion
The more you try to show; the more you get outshone
The more you have; the more things you have to loose
The more you dare; the more you bear


The more you share; the more you cheer
The more you love; the more you be loved
The more you try; the more things come by
The more imagine; the more your thoughts be designed 
The more you believe within; the more stronger even the fate tries to make you win
The more challenges you accept; the more opportunities your way precept
The more you be true; the more you be You!

P.S.- I wrote this as a fun scribble but soon realized worth to share with you all. I would love to read yours ''the more...''

Friday, October 26, 2012

Acrostic : Ale

Agile and allure
Lies in negligence, poignant
Eternal my fall

Acrostic Haiku written for Acrostic Only . The prompt is Ale

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Momentary Escape

Rushing her loitering steps
breaking the walls of Qualm
for today she comprehended 
the verity of Life ; Momentary Escape
getting abscond by each passing flash
of nothing but lingering memories that would remain
stressed her soul and mind being nostalgic 
when clashed to her obscure reverie 
an air of vigilance awaken her 
with a little message, worth for a life 
''Life is short then why to make it lost?''

Written for- Bluebell Books

Rain : Music
Friendship : God's Gift
Blogging : Writings
Morning : New Start
Teddies : Cute
Black : dark
Pillow : sound sleep
Cricket : excitement
Fashion : Bore
Winter : Shiver

Written for Word-O-Logy at Coveted Dreams

Friday, October 19, 2012

Blog Anniversaries Celebrating Together Few Miles & My Friendship

Celebrations all around
Happiness unbound 
Excitement craving
Energetic aspiring
Relishing achievement 
Success, merriment!

I believe celebrations need not always have reasons but today I have reasons to Celebrate, to cheer success I achieved in my golden two years of blogging. Yes, its my Second Blog Anniversary!! :D

These two years have proved to be life changing for me.From nothing I became Something and from Something I have become Everything. Being an introvert, its not that easy to establish your identity among the crowd but that was something before when I wasn't indulge in writing at all. The best thing is the day I started writing I started my blog on 19th October in 2010. My very first poem Life is Like A... My attempt in writing transformed me completely ..yes completely.The very effect of this, writing does not only made me strong in my words but also in my expression and speech. As a result, I won many certificates in competition of Debate and extempore. And now the blogging means life to me. There are things in life that we prefer to be known to ourselves only because a feeling of insecurity comes, fear of becoming situations from worse to worst but I think Life for me now has become simpler than those days. I express my of success - failure, good days - bad days, happiness- grieve here without any second thought or hesitation is because I have my such dear ones who reads and understand me even better. Though I don't tag posts as personal but all of them are somewhere strongly related to me and I am thankful to you all for leaving those comments full of Wisdom and Hope. As because of all of yours love and admiration I am improving day by day in exploration, learning, writing, expressing. In this Awesome journey of blogging I made many many sweet friends. I won't take name because the list is too long!! :P

But right now, I'd love to take my Special One's name. Of course Our Someone is Special of Few Miles!!

And I am thrilled to Congratulate him for completing his Golden Three years of Blogging on 20th. Yes, the day after! He is the best person and a friend I ever known and more than that a superb writer, poet! You'll find his words simple yet powerful in its meaning and wonder each time reading them. In fact, he is an inspiration and I can proudly say that!

The art of writing Haiku I learned from him with the Haiku Challenge he hosted and recently I received the title of Haiku Queen is so exciting ! So here's my wishes goes for My Special One and for a so special blog Few Miles in the form of Haiku...

Feelings deep within
resides full adore and art
you can relate with!

Enthralling envisage insight
when illustrate in words, make
muse of speculate

Word wings from dreamland
to reality of life
gives hope to survive

Magical verses
rhymes, can make a sinful soul
vigilant and pure

Instinctive attempts
at life's story inspire
to continue strife

Layers of fervor
of those lunatic moments
moments of madness

Eminence of love

you flourish through alluring
poems and stories

Sweet success to cheer
many more years of
beautiful blogging journey

Starring Someone is Special all about the beautiful journey of Few Miles

Excited?? Here you go-

What does Few Miles mean according to you?

Few Miles, Let the reason behind the name be an untold story. As I said earlier, Few Miles is 
result of inspiration from Wordsworth‟s “Lines composed a few miles above Tintern Abby.” It also implies the journey that took me here, which made me learn what life is, and it reflects my love for writing.

The journey:

I'm glad to be back to India and I'm very excited too! As most of you know, I'm Saravana
Kumar Murugan, and I write at ,'' Few Miles'' under a pen name, ''Someone is Special'' as a sweet dedication to dream angel (in dreams) 

"Writing is my passion, and I am born in this world to express my dreams, I do so as poems and prose. I do prefer poetry as it helps me to rhyme what I love to, and attain peace."

I met an angel in my dreams, and for whom I first penned a poem titled “Sorry”. From that day onwards, I started to pen down free verse, rhymes, most of them being romantic ones dedicated to my sweetest dream girl. I started this blog on 20th October 2009 on demand by my sweet friend and as a sweet dedication to my dream angel under the pen name, “Someone is Special”am so happy, as today my blog turns three-year-old. 3 years, 1095 days, 26280 hours of writing has changed my life a lot and helped me a lot in shaping up my professional career as well.

Do I have words to express my words of joy? I doubt if I can express! I want to thank my close friend DEVIL, because of her motivating words; I entered into this beautiful world, and my dream angel inspired me to write romantic words.

I would say the journey was bittersweet in my initial days, which made me depressed, but my close friend helped me to overcome it and advised me to face the critics with confidence, as they are the stepping-stones for success. Thereafter the journey has experienced so many sweet moments, which made the journey special :)

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to God, Maa, Besties (DEVIL, ACQUIST, AND

VAMPIRE) and to a long list of bloggers (Leo, Jingle, Zainab, Simran, Ashzzes, Saru, Rachana, Scribbling Gal, Brian, G-Man, Amity, Vibhuthi, Nanka, Bikram, Mohinee, Dreamy Girl, Jamie, Cloud Nine, Diwa, Sri Valli, Asni, Panchali, Aayu, Megha, Ellecee and the list continues.) I might have missed some names but they are residing in my heart. I thank for the smiles you gave me in the past three years and hoping to receive the same amount of support in future too.

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SiS loved reading..

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Entwining the two beautiful journeys here :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012


अन्तः के अनुराग 
कौन सुनेगा तेरा राग !
प्राब्ध की पीढ़ा से
 टूट गया वीड़ा का तार 
टूटी मीनारों पे 
आलोक नहीं होता निसार 
सूख गए पत्तों को 
मेघ देता नहीं अपना खुमार 
शीत पड़े दीपक में 
सिमटा नहीं गहन अन्धकार 
मुकुल के मुरझाने से 
बनता नहीं फिर पुष्पहार

मेरी दादी जी द्वारा - स्वर्ण कौर