Monday, December 30, 2013

The Meet: Part 2

The next day, Shashwat is too excited to see Shagun whose dark brown wide eyes hypnotized him completely. From within he is dying to meet her and talk to her but he is conscious not to express that in front of his family members. As I had said before he is too filmy!

His mother enters into the room. Shashwat, aren’t you ready yet?
 I am ready Ma. He stares at her with a confused glimpse.
Really? It doesn't seem so beta. It looks like you've been severely ill that you didn't get a chance to shave. ‘’Unshaven is Unbathed’’
Maybe without knowing your response she would say a NO to you.
Shashwat tremble with the much thought.
 It would be his insult if the girl would reject him.  Ishq ka to doosra naam hi hota hai tyaag (another name of love is sacrifice).

Shashwat along with his family reach to their destiny i.e., Shagun’s home. A small yet beautifully erected building. They make a grand welcome to Shashwat’s family. Finally the most awaiting moment come, Shagun, the beautiful girl dressed in a graceful pink color saree with light jewelry. Everyone’s eyes rest at her attractive appearance.
He had almost lost his control when she smiled at him. They had been sent to an isolated place so that they can freely talk and could make their decision.

 Within a short while their conversation got smoother and friendly.
Do you always look smart or it’s just today?
I like you! She said with a blush.
My clean shaven look bowled her. Yes! Yes! Yes! He said to himself.
I like you too!

 The next part is yet to come :-)
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Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Meet : Part 1

After earning his M tech degree and securing the post of a senior manager in the topmost IT Company within a short period of time Shashwat proved his excellence and capabilities to everyone including the ones who tried deceiving him for the competition’s sake. Few people are always there to halt your progress but then, a pinch of negligence and an inch of self believe makes you standstill.
As far as life is concerned, he had been positive, practical minded and serious towards his goal but when it comes to another part of him, he is not that. A fun- loving, adventurous guy who believes in following his heart and yes he is too filmy!!
Beta, look at these photographs Munshi ji has brought selected proposal this time. You will surely like.
Not again Maa!!
All of sudden his attention gets attract towards one of the photographs in his mother’s hand. He snatches that readily. 3 minutes had passed since he was smiling and staring at the girl in the photograph.
Maa, who is she?
She is Shagun. A very traditional girl who belongs to reputed family. She is pursuing her master degree from the South Mumbai. I think she will be perfect match for you. She said observing Shashwat’s interest.

Hmmm, will decide that after our meet. Said he with a thought. 

Lets see what's all gonna happen before and after their meet and surly ''the meet''

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Out of boundaries; the free bird

Image credits- Ermisenda
Within the enclosure pinfold I perch on the channels of restrictions. Am drifted with the blow of plight, far beyond submissive endure far away from my destine that I dreamed of! I listen the tick tock, slipping away smoothly.I restraint myself. Despite of the gloom there is a hope that shines I'll soar high, out of boundaries; the free bird

 ''Everything is possible need is you tend to make it so''. 

Written for - Picture it and Write

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Love is you, Love is in the air

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On that bright day every corner was enshroud with amber gleam sheath under the the cloudless sapphire sky, scorching heat that reminds you of  'Rime of the Ancient Mariner'. Everything was dull and dry. On such a searing day nobody could imagine even a blow of wind for split second  but Shanaya, a strong instinct believer already predicted , there would be rains shortly. 
No one cared! She quickly went into her kitchen to prepare a mug of coffee and some cookies for herself. Her younger brother started teasing her for her dippy act.
Hot coffee on a hot day!
Didi, have you got crazy? 

She wasn't paying attention towards him. She was calm,lost in the other world. Busy in blending cocoa and sugar. Again her brother in a teasing tone, Watching stars in day time?He pinched her tender pinkish skin. Who is he??
She came back to reality and smiled to herself and all of sudden got strict and serious when noticed her brother glaring at her in confusion.
Don't engage yourself among this and that, Prithvi, I tell you. Your exams are near go and study otherwise I'll tell papa, you sneak out secretly to play cricket in early morning.
Sorry didi, you are the greatest. Please forgive this poor child. She stared at him aggressively.
Am leaving di .... am leavin...
Within no time the sky was covered with dark heavy clouds. The yellow sphere welcomed them by giving them space to settle there. Cold harsh winds were blowing hard along with thunderstorm. Shanaya's prediction was again right!

 She believed '' things you truly love, you get attached to them deeply, sincerely, completely and then, distance or connection doesn't matter''
She entered into a dark room with a mug of coffee and cookies. Settled herself before the wide open window and played the radio set in a low volume. For her, it was a perfect delight. Also she was a passionate classical dancer. She opened her drawer to find gold anklets . Her mobile phone vibrated  and her favorite name was flashed on the screen, Rohan!
Her heartbeats were ranged high in excitement. It read as,
 '' My love Shanaya, I love our love dance in the loving rains. Am coming at our favorite spot within 3 minutes. Lets see who's more passionate''.
Shanaya quickly ran, she wanted to be there before him. Both of them reached together from opposite directions. Shanaya hugged Rohan tightly. Their heartbeats were fast and clearly audible to each other. Warmth of touch was pleasing among those chill raindrops.He held her more closer and murmured softly in her ear
 ''Love is in the air, feel it...let it touch you. You know, it touches you after touching me and ultimately my touch over you''
Am living the best moments of my life, Rohan. 
Rain was over. Everything looked fresh and washed. The sun again appeared but this time with light warmth to set down with ignition of Shanaya and Rohan's love.

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Image - Love in the air by Anand
Courtesy - Apple Blossom's Photography via

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Random muse

With the seasonal drift again 
my endearing essence has got back
I bloom lofty among the green
 in velvet passionate red 
 enough to hold your fascination 
I know it's hard to blink 
once your stare rise at me
You admire my beauty and grace
I admire those thorns to bring me up
Life is the same, full of uncertainties
each moment is a deep secret surprise 
Sweet, bitter, sour or spicy,a reprise 
Live among them as I live in between the thorns
Realities will come by themselves to meet you
to shape the beauty of your life! 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Wisdom Crown

Within the brimming shallow of life
Right from high to low alone I strife 
Like a refrain it sings of joy and plight
As the dark night diffuse off divine light
I've to go along with the course it flows
Harsh winds oppose my way with its blow
Why the flair of joy shroud with gloom mist?
Bubble lived is my cheer it stays in midst  
Soon, it drifts same as an air filled balloon 
 a single touch of sharp pin tear it apart loon
I see, my situation no different from it when compare
Happiness and joy are elusive; they hardly come and stay rare
As much as I long for them they seem a distant journey, far away
I look back to count my smiling days, hidden under its sway
''Life is too long to live and short to waste
Try all its recipe to get different flavors taste''
    Everything runs alternative, has a dual phase 
we've to not only face them but also to chase 
Here the question is how sadness could be defeated?
Let it blase hard, an acceptance would lay it down 
It would happen the day I'll wear the wisdom crown

Sunday, November 03, 2013


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Green park,swings,colorful flowers.
Shashank see a beautiful butterfly, he run to catch and fall down. When he open his eyes, heart sink,completely blank.
What happen, Shashank?? Mum's here, you're safe. She hugs him tightly.
Let me switch on the light.I'll listen you.
In tears, ''Why God wrote my life without light?''

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Wish you all Happy and safe Diwali! :-)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Autumn and I

I read, reread your intrigue saying you last wrote in the book
''Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall''
I wonder how you can be this close listener of my heart!
There is a beep for you deep in me that tune everyday 
To ask, if you're too longing for me? 
My love for autumn, my love in autumn, my love is like autumn
There is a mystery that carries along same as the crisp air in autumn
An ease of sensitivity and indifferent that crave for seclusion and peace
My feelings are colorful and are mostly red with the essence of your love
After reading your words, being far yet close heart to heart I feel like flying
But then my instinctive fiery and nature disclose the reality I fear of!
''I swing high and low
Ruled by the air's (love) blow
Upside I see the vast sky
Downside a little fly
Getting ready to chase
Unaware of a sudden blase! ''
It's not that I don't want to fly in the dreamland of You and I
Like there is always a reason for everything,there is a reason behind my fall too
I can not fly but I can fall!
I can not be a start but can be the end of all!
We can never meet but we're known to each other
As the colossal sky and boundless the earth
Once, someone said, ''true love is faith!''
I believe in the same and thus follow your words
''Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall''
I hope you would listen the silence of my fall 
to give it a new song the next season.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Friendship turned 3 !! Few Miles about to turn 4!!

Like these hearts soaring in drift
strange to destiny,away from rift
 Feelings and thoughts suppressed  
Inner flare split walls compressed  
That's how the journey commenced 
My Friendship, the saga recommence   

Resurrection of sensitivity when splashed 
I found many like me, we all clashed 
Not for a letup or a fight but to unite 
We stood together to inspire world knight
My Friendship, the saga shines bright

 A single word itself holds power
to change the world it has tower
that rise above straight with transparency
with the only sword of words I'll turn over controversy 
Within few years, I see my world has changed 
My Friendship and Few Miles both poetic pen 
blessed with sagacity 

Turning Three and Four we are still the same
have always seek for love and not for fame
translating life into words would have been impossible
without your generosity and comments sensible 
each day smiles with flying colors 
My Friendship and Few Miles, the saga of an unknown 
beautiful relation.

Happy Birthday dear Few Miles! Congrats on turning 4. I know I know it's tomorrow on October 20th. See, I remember the date too :-) 
But like every year I want to be the first one wishing you. It was you to whom I met first in my blogging journey though we weren't introduced well then. Always been my inspiration that reading you I shine brighter with my own words. Our relation is like,
 your words and my rhyme
several roads to same destiny
 Few Miles and My Friendship 

Sarav, I heartily congratulate you for your achievement and thank you for making all of us a part of this beautiful journey, blessing us with smiles and tears. Much to say...but next time ;)
Wish you many more years of Blogging journey 
-Little One

Sweet wishes from Valli 

Thanks Valli for such a beautiful caricature :-)

Best wishes from dear friend, Namrata

Its a little gift to MY FRIENDSHIP with a sweet little girl Simran
My heartfelt wishes to her on this very special day! These words of mine would remain with you as a token of our sweet friendship :-)


In the bosom of  the boiling desert ,
flutters my friendship.
It anoints my thirsty throat,
As does a perennial oasis.

In pain and plight and dismal night,
it lulls me down with ease.
Sweetness of the words it shares,
Blows over as a soothing breeze.

It shoves my boat away from disbelief,
when the world growls at my mistakes.
It comforts and cajoles me,
and does for me whatever it takes.

My friendship is my worship,
My love, I foster within.
I pray it meets eternity, 
to stay and keep me serene.

A surprise dedication from my dear sister, Mohini 
Glad you remembered the anniversary and truly I love this beautiful token of love!

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Lost color

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There is all around a deep silence
My heart and mind are at it violence
I lackluster and yet I feel laying back
My own thoughts are hacked
Life is out of colors; it is black!!

It had never been like this before
Euphoria of being alive was pure
With my smile I colored fade
I was an angel for all without wings
But hinge of life the way it swing

Everything was perfect and sweet
With him my life was complete
I, his zephyr and He my heartbeat
Without him life refuse to replete
Let me loiter for I've lost my fleet

How can life be this cruel ?
It asks me go on snapping my fuel
The whole world drenched in color
Except my own world inside so blur
Life does not stop with someone's depart
But part left can't be filled it remain stark

My heart sink at thinking of all that again

There is all around a deep silence
My heart and mind are at it violence
I lackluster and yet I feel laying back
My own thoughts are hacked
Life is out of colors; it is black!!
Lost colors!

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Monday, September 09, 2013

My Teachers, my God

I remember of the day when my mother told me
There is a God
Who has solutions to all my odds
He is the former of this world 
nothing can go wrong or down to curled
He is always there to preach me with blessings
His spiritual guidance of painstaking 

A divine light of knowledge and wisdom he throw 
she told, he will bless me with as I grow
Out of curiosity I asked, where does the God stagger?
Where does he live? any evidences? 
How to believe?

When she was getting me ready 
I, excited and steady
It was to be my first day in school
an unknown place and I mere a fool
Ma told me it's the place where God dwell
finally it was the time to get my all answers well

I found different God in the temple of knowledge
they punished me for my impish obstinate acts
corrected when I did mistakes
Inspired me when I was all deceived 
He stood beside me and perceived

A lonely stage of despair
Thousands of mocking laughter in air
he told me to be strong
never to choose the path that seems easy but belongs to wrong
he wrapped my inner soul with divinity 
blessed my heart with generosity 
and mind with sincerity 

The day came when my own child asked
out of curiosity where does the God stagger?
Where does he live? any evidences? 
How to believe?

I smiled and cherished that moment
to remember when I asked the same to my mother
My child, he is there to guide you 
and bless you ample of wisdom and vow
 He is your teacher, your God
respect the knowledge he give you
it would help you in life, best among all the swords
Moment of honor with the current President of Sahitya Academy, Dr. Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari
Priceless moments with Madam Kirti
This poem is dedicated my respected teachers who helped me to overcome the tough situations in life, made me strong to accept challenges and win over and still there to bring the best out of me :-)
Feel Blessed!

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Review: ''Kaleidoscope -- Different Strokes for Different Folks''

Paperback: 250 pages
Publisher: Parlance Publishers
Edition: May 2013
Language: English
ISBN- 978-93-83023-01-1

A Spring Tide Initiative ''Kaleidoscope - Different Strokes for Different Folks'' is a magnificent collection of 25 spellbinding stories. Collection of 25 different emotes, conviction and of course comprise ideas of 25 amazing writers altogether. Sounds Interesting. No??
Commence with this thoughtful quote-
''It is something to wonder how people love God, 
and hate one another''

The main intention of Kaleidoscope is to introduce and represent a comprehensive and different texture of writings compile together for the readers. Each of its tale speaks on completely contrary subjects and ideologies. Beautifully endowed with romantic, humorous, comical, filmy, inspirational and witty hues of plot and dialogues.

There will be many incidences that while reading them you would find yourself as a protagonist. The touching story lines would take you to a memory lane. They have been written in a simple language yet engross you to go through. Leave you to ponder and wonder at the same time. The attractive title and soothing cover page of this book will entice your sight at once to grab it!

Besides that there is an interesting thing you will find, before each story there is an introduction page and a photograph of beautiful butterflies(writers) constitute Kaleidoscope. You can get to know about them, connect with them and get inspire.
 Stories which I personally liked are :

''The star that shines on me'' by Parul Tyagi

''The Last Date'' by Saravana Kumar Murugan
''The Journey of my life'' by Shishir Dhingra
''Secret of the murderous woods'' by Sanhita Baruah

Since each of its story has been written by a different writer so at no point you would feel the read getting monotonous. Each of it has a different expression and approach to put their ideas before the readers. So if you are aspiring to read multi-genre of stories I would suggest ''Kaleidoscope - Different Strokes for Different Folks'' to be the best book to go for.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

One sided

Holding my heart 
passively passionate
ready to string yours
with mine...
But please let me
know if it's one sided
I would be a lone pair
Rather being the ''Sweet Pairs''

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Celebrating The Bond Of Love- Raksha Bandhan

आज रक्षा-बंधन के त्यौहार के उपलक्ष पर हम दोनों (सिमरन और हेमा) यह सयुंक्त पोस्ट सभी भाई-बहनों को समर्पित करते हैं.  जैसा की सभी जानते है कि इस त्यौहार में बहन का अपने भाई की कलाई पर राखी या पवित्र धागा (डोरी) बंधना शामिल है.  यह त्यौहार बहन के प्यार और उसके भाई की भलाई के लिए बहन की प्राथना और भाई का अपनी बहन को बदले में दिए गए उसकी रक्षा करने का उसकी आजीवन रक्षा करने का व्रत का प्रतिक है. बहन भाई को तिलक लगा कर उसकी आरती कर भाई की लम्बी उम्र और उसकी उन्नति की कामना करती है. भाई-बहन परंपरागत एक दुसरे को उपहार देते है और एक दुसरे को खूब मिठाइयाँ खिलाते है. छोटे भाई बड़ी बहनों के और छोटी बहन बड़े भाइयों के पैर छू कर आशीर्वाद लेते है. भाई-बहन एक दुसरे के लिए मंगल कामनाएं करते है.

Today, on the day of Raksha Bandhan (An Indian festival which celebrate the relationship between brothers and sisters) we (Simran and Hema) dedicated this combined post to all Brothers and Sisters. As we all know that this festival involves the tying of a rakhi (sacred/holy thread) by a sister on her brother's wrist. This symbolizes the sister's love and prayers for her brother's well-being and the brother's lifelong vow to protect her. By putting Tilak on brother's forehead and doing Aarti to him sisters prayer for his long life prayers and wishes of his progress. The brother and sister traditionally offer presents to each other and feed lots of sweets to one another. Little Brother/Sisters take blessings from their Big Sisters/Brothers by touching their foot. Brothers and Sisters wishes for prosperity and well being of each other.

इस पर्व पर हमने एक-एक कविता लिखी है...
We have written 1-1 Poem each on this festival....

पहली  कविता---एक छोटी बहन (सिमरन) द्वारा अपने बड़े भैया के लिए लिखी गयी कविता

The first poem---a younger sister (Simran) poem written for her Big Brother.

"मेरा  भैया मुझे सबसे प्यारा है. मुझे किसी चीज की फिक्र नहीं होती जब भैया मेरे पास होता है. हमारे बीच और भाई बहनों की तरह लड़ाई नहीं होती और अगर होती है तो प्यार की लड़ाई."

"My Big Brother is my world best brother. There is nothing to worry about anything if he is with me...he take care of me.. There are no fight between us like otherbrothers and sisters and if there is one then that one would be little love fight."

My giggles and your face with a charm,
Whenever you hold me in your protective arms,
Secretly I become calm...
My little eyes searching for you !!
Bhaiya...Bhaiya ..
Where are you?
My Incomplete sleep without your lullaby,
I still remember those moments ..
When my eyes were filled with tears whenever you said ''BYE'' !
My happiness expanded your smile,
When you hold my little hand ;
And I was taking step on those slippery tiles,
But your hand in my hand assured me that nothing could go wrong;
 even for a while!
My sad face on failure and your hand on my back encouraged me so wide,
That you inspired and taught me to walk on miles,
In this journey of covering miles,
You promised to protect me and do not leave aside,
I embraced you with a thread of love and wishes besides,
I have got God's angel as you my brother,
You're my valley,
You're my harbor,
You're my path,
You're my lane,
You're my angel,
You're my Brother  

दूसरी  कविता---एक सबसे बड़ी बहन (हेमा) द्वारा अपने दोनों छोटे भाइयों के लिए लिखी गयी कविता

The second poem---an eldest sister (Hema) poem written for her two younger brothers

"मैं हम तीन भाई-बहन में सबसे बड़ी हूँ. हम तीनो में उम्र का ज्यादा अंतर नहीं है. एक भाई मुझसे 1 साल छोटा है तो दूसरा 3 साल. लगभग हमउम्र होने के कारण अक्षर हम लड़ते-झगड़ते रहते है पर इसका मतलब यह नहीं की हमारे बीच प्यार नहीं....बस हम एक-दुसरे को अपना प्यार जाहिर नहीं करते. पर जानतें है कि हम एक-दुसरे के बिना नहीं रह सकते. मन ही मन एक-दुसरे को प्यार करते हैं....बस यही कुछ मैंने अपनी कविता में कहने की कोशिश की है....."

"I am the Eldest Sister among three of us. The three of us is not much difference in age. I have two brothers--one brother 1 year younger and the other is 3 years younger than me. Because of almost similar age we fight a lot- but it doesn't mean that there no love between us .... we just do not show our love for each other. But we know that one can not live without other. We kept our love for each other in our heart..... that's something I have tried to say in this poem....."

लड़ते झगड़ते युहिं एक साथ रहते हो गए हम बड़े
कभी सहमत तो कभी किसी बात पे एक साथ अड़े
माना है दो फूल अलग अलग रंग के एक ही डाली के
पर फिर जुड़े है कहीं क्यूंकि सींचती है हमें एक जड़े

गुली डंडा खेल में कभी मैं जीती तो रोये
कभी केरम में तुम जीत कर खूब खुश होए

बेफिक्र थी वो उम्र दोनों की हमने कितने मौसम साथ बिताये
बारिश में कागज़ की कश्ती तैराई तो कभी तेज़ धुप में दिन बिताये

माँ की मार और पिता की चपत पर सहमे एक दूजे को एक-टुक निहार घूरा
तो कभी दुसरे पे लगती हलकी सी डांट से खुश हो कर मुह बना बनाकर छेड़ा

एक-दूजे को अजीबो-गरीब नामो का दिया पिटारा
कभी दुसरे के गिरने पर दिया उसे सप्रेम सहारा

इस दुश्मनी और प्यार के रिश्ते को और मज़बूत किया एक पर्व ने
इस रिश्ते की गहराई समझी जब हमने तो हमको भाव-विभोर किया गर्व ने

अभी और हैं मंजिले पानी अभी और है समझना सही से हमें एक दूजे को
अभी तक साथ रहकर लड़ते रहे अभी जुदा हो के भी प्यार करना है एक दूजे को

मानती हूँ तंग हो परेशान भी होते हो तुम मुझसे और मेरी बेकार की मनमानियों से
पर अब कुछ साल ही है बाकी चली जाउंगी जल्द ही इस घर और इन गलियों से

उम्मीद है यह प्यार और बढेगा अब फिर से न होंगी कोई बड़ी लड़ाई
जब भी आया करुँगी राखी के पावन पर्व पर नहीं लगूंगी तुमको पराई

दुनिया वाले क्या जाने इस लड़ाई-झगड़ो की प्यारी दुश्मनी में है कितना प्यार छिपा
तुम्हारे हाथो पे बंधी यह डोरी के हर धागे के संग है कितने सालों का प्यार लिपा

यह रक्षा-बंधन का पावन पर्व युही आता रहे
हर डोर से हमारे प्यार को गहरा करता रहे

(रक्षा-बंधन के पावन-पर्व पर सभी भाई-बहनों को हमारी तरफ से रक्षा-बंधन की बहुत बहुत शुभकामनाएं )