Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Dear Mohu

The forever sisters' love,
All above
Collaborates Me and You in a spiritual bond...
I promise shall remain
concord, credence and resolute!
blames, claims and emote flames!
Means of reluctance, doubt or twinge! 
Admiration, assurance and commitment of being United and True!

Happy Birthday to you Dear Mohu!

 May all your wishes,dreams come true.
 I thank you from the bottom of heart for being there always to support, encourage and listen and advice me.

Its a Special Day for You and Me as well!
Lets Enjoy :)

Author's Message- Apologize to all my dear readers for not stopping by their       respective blogs. As a reader I'll be back after March (Exams). Wish me luck :)
Your love and support are precious.