Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Short of words

Like this circinate hanging there still
I find myself stopped with lost quill
Waiting for a little push to swing again
Hope to receive a tempest before rain
Thoughts infuse and in no time impalpable in air
Before the ink touches the paper it goes off
Blank paper is what I stare...  

Friday, July 25, 2014

Love with dearth or Respect from heart

After being deceived 
by the destiny and people
I turned to the
 gracious world of nature to tipple
The nectar of wisdom, 
kindness and optimism  
I have heard people saying
''do what inspires you''
And so, I decided to sow 
a seed of palm, a sacred belief
For its leaves are an epitome of
 peace,triumph and delve  
The process of germination 
has always been inspiring to me
While nourishing it I found myself 
nourishing and growing
It taught me a lot of things like
 the way of life
First we are dependent
and later on we alone strife
The morale and mannerism 
parents rendered with
Have to carry on with 
own choice and insights 
The palm leaves were there 
in my garden standing tall
I planted one in the realm
 of my better half 
To get myself up 
as many times as I fall 
I did, so many times!
Not because I could not
 gel up easily or adjust 
 He meant a world to me
 and he didn't respect
Everyday he come home 
drunk,tipsy and unconscious 
Cling me in his arms
 tightly, kiss and 
love me passionately 
Unaware of how painful
 his passion is to me. 
I smile faintly in tears.
When his thirst is quenched
 he throws me at the 
room's corner, naked
He blames me
 for his blunders, 
oversight and abatement 
I listened and tried best
 to understand his grief
 until he wasn't wild
It was hard to decide whether
I want love with dearth or
 respect from heart
The dearth of love was bitter
 than its sweetness.
 Thus, I chose respect
Palm also signify of eternal life
 with which I wanted
 to bless our relation
I stood up once more, to fight!
 I fought hard to make him realize 
''You endeavor all that you wish 
from your true heart''
He is still mine not just with love
 but with respect too
''Love without respect 
is always fleeting but
that respect could grow
 into real,lasting love''

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Learn from them

You love someone selflessly
Then why you always do hard to prove it?
It is a fact that can be easily known
but we don't pay a bit of heed to it
Or, maybe it isn't true truly
But we have mastered ourselves as pretenders !
That makes every real thing fake 
Please don't do that with love 
Let it bloom in preen for God's sake
As we grow, our world grow
But this heart? It concise itself 
with strangeness, fear, anger,ego 
A muddle between heart and mind
Where greed supersedes, not always!
I see, those little cute babies 
Heart smiles at once looking at them
They wish to get the entire world
everything! no matter good or bad
Because,unlike ours, they have a big heart
Enough to love, care and share with everyone
Their innocent heart perceive the world's grieve
They do not pretend and thus, they need not prove
They teach us more than what they learn from us
But again, As we grow, our world grow
But this heart? It concise itself 
with strangeness, fear, anger,ego 


Monday, July 07, 2014


It all starts with a new challenge, everyday,
a battle against yesterday, for a better today.

Haunted by your regrets and fears,
mistakes and failures, solitude and tears.

It all continues with single step, and timely stride,
slowly moving towards your goal, where you'll never be tired.

Your goal might be locked on the pin point top of a mountain,
remember to follow the mantra, without pain, there ain't any gain.

It all ends with glory, that opens with a key of hardwork,
where you'll see happiness, celebration and firework.

But promise, you'll sing the success song,
and continue this journey, lifelong.

-Sulaiman Sait

This inspirational poem as a guest post is penned by my dear friend, Sulaiman. He lives in Chennai and currently pursuing his medical course. There are a lot of things we share in common but writing is the foremost similarity we share. He helps me in everything whether it is life's situation, studies or about writing, he guides me whenever I ask for. Since, I am going through life's most important phase (Career oriented) and that is why to inspire me he graced My Friendship with such a beautiful and uplifting poem to which I can connect completely. He himself is a wonderful poet and can write over any topic in the world. That is what makes me amazed. Believe me, it is worth to read his interesting compositions mainly based on society and facts. He writes his heart at Sulaiman's work- my dream mausoleum

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Me, Food and Borosil

o other delight in the world can match up to the delight that #BeautifulFood gives. Am a great foodie. I believe if one isn't happy in life or bored of same routine then, there is a magic wand that can instantly work on to make one smile and evades worry for sometime is #BeautifulFood  

It strengthens the bond and increases the love for eachother.Above all, food is expressive! 
 I have a lot of memories associated with food. Cooking #BeautifulFood is an art and everyone isn't blessed with it. And you know, am blessed to have many blessed talented Chefs at my home. Grandma, Dad, Mom and Nani ji all of them are skilled in this field. Most of the times, when I am tired and sick of undergoing the fixed routine then food is what that rejuvenate me to get ready for coaching classes just after the school hours. Mom takes good care of my likes and dislikes and so she keeps on making my favorite dishes after frequent breaks. There are a lot of things that she cooks like no one else. I like lady finger with stuffed spices, fried potatoes but more than that her Sindhi Kadhi makes me go crazy. She adds my favorite vegetables which make it healthier and I simply love it!

Grandma, though she is too old but keeps herself maintained and active. She likes to keep herself busy and so kitchen is where she finds her beautiful world. Everyday, she makes lunch for us and the best thing is she asks my choice before I leave for school. Dadi ma makes super delicious butter chicken and anything with do pyaaza. Its aroma is enough to make your mouth watery. I feel like heaven relishing the fresh and intense taste of spices as she prefers to use traditional homemade ones rather packed spices.

My dad and nani ma are the experts. They can make everything and anything. There is no food category they haven't tried and not just tried but expertise themselves. Here I demands and the dish gets ready in a couple of days. I feel extremely blessed when it comes to food. Each day I thank to god after my meal because everyone isn't blessed like me. I used to hate bitter-gourd and I used to ponder why do people love it and eat after all it is bitter in taste. I remember, the day my dad forced me to eat it and I was trying hard to keep myself away at any cost but then I can't see my family disappointed and sad. After a few minutes I went back to him and pleaded, Papa I want to eat those bitter gourds. My words made him extremely happy. I had a bite of it and you won't believe I loved its taste. It was a mix of sweet and bitter as my dad had added fried onions into it. Since then, I count it as one of my most favorite dishes. We often take it along during long journeys. Whenever there is a great event Nani ji makes it even more auspicious with her moong dal halwa. During winters she makes our most famous dish ‘’makke di roti te sarson da saag’’. Ahaa! I am already feeling so hungry after talking about such scrumptious dishes but I won't leave until I share about one of the most important things. 

Mom and dad are very social so very often we have guests at home. Well, guests hain to khaatirdaari to banti hai. After all, that is what makes them feel respected, regarded and remembered. Dad leaves no stone unturn to do so. Are you curious to know how? Besides his delicious cooking he prefers Borosil utensils to make it safe and healthy to eat. First he brought a borosil melamine dinner set then the list got added with borosil tumblers, smart Lid dishes, bowls and plates and recently a casserole. Though all of them fascinate me with their unique design and excellent quality yet I prompted a question on why he is making a collection of Borosil utensils. I always prefer to know his point of views and this time too he gave me a lot of reasons why one should prefer Borosil. The borosil brand embodies over fifty years of dependability. Their promising commitment to quality and perfection makes it different from other brands. Borosil utensils are designed in such a way that it is easy to clean, pleasing to eyes, flame proof, freezer proof and so light in weight that you will forget it is there in your hands and more than that all of them are 100% borosilicate. Simpler, smarter and better to use. He says, ''a good representation is equally important as the taste.'' I can connect to this in a much deeper sense same as Borosil helped me to connect with finger licking dishes.  

This post is written for Indiblogger Contest - '' My Beautiful Food''